Vim's future, what to change?

I've been complaining about issues too long, its time to fix.

Do you want to help by

Either there is funding or not, so you'll be payed for helping.

There are editors people pay for, so why not give them a chance to be happy with Vim, too !?

In a week I'll try to summarize the feedback I got.

List of issues I see I'd like to fix

Enough, let me join

by telling you about what I care

Yes, Vim is charity ware. I know. So I'm in favor of spending 10% of the value to whatever Bram thinks is best.

If there is a chance to support collaboration with other projects such as Yi, Emacs, .. I'll try push that. Live is too short for duplication. I'm thinking more about how to move "supporting code" into external projects which can be used by more than one editor rather than trying to merge Vim/Emacs (will never happen).